Descendants of Ceregnano filtering out any place that is visiting Null Island right now

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{'query': {'filtered': {'filter': {'and': [{'bool': {'must_not': [{'term': {'geom:latitude': 0.0}}, {'term': {'geom:longitude': 0.0}}]}}]}, 'query': {'term': {'wof:belongsto': 101796653}}}}, 'sort': [{'wof:name': 'asc'}]}
  1. 253468659 Bassano Grimeca (s.p.a.) — this is a venue in Italy
  2. 203045383 F.lli Ghiraldini Snc Di Ghiraldini Flavio E Felice — this is a venue in Italy
    • it was last modified on September 15, 2016
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