Greenway 101/938/795/101938795.geojson

this record supersedes: 85773521
Greenway is a locality and its consensus geometry is derived from quattroshapes. OH NOES!!! MISSING LABEL CENTROID Take a screenshot of this map (this may require a few seconds to complete)

Properties — some notes about sources and names

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{u'counts:concordances_total': 5,
 u'counts:names_languages': 3,
 u'counts:names_prefered': 0,
 u'counts:names_total': 3,
 u'counts:names_variant': 0,
 u'edtf:cessation': u'',
 u'edtf:inception': u'',
 u'geom:area': 0.000527,
 u'geom:area_square_m': 5308456.894308,
 u'geom:bbox': u'149.051403,-35.434333,149.078295,-35.396289',
 u'geom:latitude': -35.415843,
 u'geom:longitude': 149.064935,
 u'iso:country': u'AU',
 u'lbl:latitude': -35.42071,
 u'lbl:longitude': 149.065929,
 u'lbl:max_zoom': 18,
 u'lbl:min_zoom': 13.5,
 u'mps:latitude': -35.417289,
 u'mps:longitude': 149.064934,
 u'mz:hierarchy_label': 1,
 u'mz:is_current': 1,
 u'mz:min_zoom': 12,
 u'name:eng_x_preferred': [u'Greenway'],
 u'name:fra_x_preferred': [u'Greenway'],
 u'name:zho_x_preferred': [u'\u683c\u6797\u5a01'],
 u'qs:a0': u'Australia',
 u'qs:a1': u'*Australian Capital Territory',
 u'qs:a1_lc': u'8',
 u'qs:a1r': u'*',
 u'qs:adm0': u'Australia',
 u'qs:id': 0,
 u'qs:la': u'Greenway',
 u'qs:la_lc': u'*SSC80044',
 u'qs:level': u'locality1',
 u'qs:loc': u'Greenway',
 u'qs:pop': 0,
 u'qs:source': u'SAustralian Bureau Of Statistics: state suburbs file selection',
 u'src:geom': u'quattroshapes',
 u'src:geom_alt': [],
 u'src:lbl_centroid': u'yerbashapes',
 u'translations': [u'zho',
 u'wd:wordcount': 230,
 u'wof:belongsto': [85681493, 102191583, 404550015, 85632793, 136253039],
 u'wof:breaches': [],
 u'wof:concordances': {u'fct:id': u'0348cfd8-8f76-11e1-848f-cfd5bf3ef515',
                       u'gn:id': 8349176,
                       u'gp:id': 7225308,
                       u'wd:id': u'Q5604771',
                       u'wk:page': u'Greenway, Australian Capital Territory'},
 u'wof:concordances_sources': [u'fct:id',
 u'wof:coterminous': [404550015],
 u'wof:country': u'AU',
 u'wof:geomhash': u'48514765399d9c6538d3ee65fe1cd658',
 u'wof:hierarchy': [{u'continent_id': 102191583,
                     u'country_id': 85632793,
                     u'empire_id': 136253039,
                     u'localadmin_id': 404550015,
                     u'locality_id': 101938795,
                     u'region_id': 85681493}],
 u'wof:id': 101938795,
 u'wof:lang': [u'eng'],
 u'wof:lastmodified': 1690852504,
 u'wof:name': u'Greenway',
 u'wof:parent_id': 404550015,
 'wof:path': '101/938/795/101938795.geojson',
 u'wof:placetype': u'locality',
 u'wof:placetype_id': 102312317,
 u'wof:placetype_names': [u'locality'],
 u'wof:repo': u'whosonfirst-data-admin-au',
 u'wof:superseded_by': [],
 u'wof:supersedes': [85773521],
 u'wof:tags': []}

Bounding box

swlat, swlon, nelat, nelon

-35.434333, 149.051403, -35.396289, 149.078295

swlon, swlat, nelon, nelat

149.051403, -35.434333, 149.078295, -35.396289