South Wharf 404/540/257/404540257.geojson

South Wharf is a localadmin and its consensus geometry is derived from quattroshapes. OH NOES!!! MISSING LABEL CENTROID Take a screenshot of this map (this may require a few seconds to complete)

Properties — some notes about sources and names

# This is the raw properties hash from the source data itself.
# It _should_ magically transform itself in to a pretty formatted
# table and if it doesn't that probably means there's something wrong
# with the data itself (or maybe it just hasn't been synced yet).
# Or maybe you pressed the "view raw" button to see the raw data.
# Raw data is raw.

{u'counts:concordances_total': 2,
 u'counts:names_languages': 2,
 u'counts:names_prefered': 0,
 u'counts:names_total': 2,
 u'counts:names_variant': 0,
 u'edtf:cessation': u'',
 u'edtf:inception': u'',
 u'geom:area': 4.7e-05,
 u'geom:area_square_m': 457440.226339,
 u'geom:bbox': u'144.937709,-37.828027,144.957113,-37.823053',
 u'geom:latitude': -37.82532,
 u'geom:longitude': 144.949324,
 u'iso:country': u'AU',
 u'label:eng_x_preferred_placetype': [u'suburb'],
 u'label:fra_x_preferred_placetype': [u'banlieue'],
 u'lbl:latitude': -37.825324,
 u'lbl:longitude': 144.949983,
 u'lbl:max_zoom': 18,
 u'lbl:min_zoom': 13.5,
 u'mz:hierarchy_label': 1,
 u'mz:is_current': 1,
 u'mz:min_zoom': 12,
 u'name:eng_x_preferred': [u'South Wharf'],
 u'name:spa_x_preferred': [u'South Wharf'],
 u'qs:a0': u'Australia',
 u'qs:a1': u'Victoria',
 u'qs:a1_lc': u'2',
 u'qs:adm0': u'Australia',
 u'qs:adm0_a3': u'AUS',
 u'qs:la': u'South Wharf',
 u'qs:la_lc': u'SSC21239',
 u'qs:level': u'localadmin',
 u'qs:source': u'Australian Bureau Of Statistics',
 u'src:geom': u'quattroshapes',
 u'translations': [u'spa_x_preferred', u'spa', u'eng_x_preferred', u'eng'],
 u'wof:belongsto': [85681497,
 u'wof:breaches': [],
 u'wof:concordances': {u'ausstat:area_code': u'SSC21239',
                       u'wd:id': u'Q12069696'},
 u'wof:concordances_official': u'ausstat:area_code',
 u'wof:concordances_sources': [u'ausstat:area_code', u'wd:id'],
 u'wof:coterminous': [101933549],
 u'wof:country': u'AU',
 u'wof:geomhash': u'a8106298e72a07148ddd0df4928fe8fb',
 u'wof:hierarchy': [{u'continent_id': 102191583,
                     u'country_id': 85632793,
                     u'county_id': 102049169,
                     u'empire_id': 136253039,
                     u'localadmin_id': 404540257,
                     u'macrocounty_id': 1376953283,
                     u'region_id': 85681497}],
 u'wof:id': 404540257,
 u'wof:lastmodified': 1695878024,
 u'wof:name': u'South Wharf',
 u'wof:parent_id': 102049169,
 'wof:path': '404/540/257/404540257.geojson',
 u'wof:placetype': u'localadmin',
 u'wof:placetype_id': 404221409,
 u'wof:placetype_names': [u'localadmin'],
 u'wof:repo': u'whosonfirst-data-admin-au',
 u'wof:superseded_by': [],
 u'wof:supersedes': [],
 u'wof:tags': []}

Bounding box

swlat, swlon, nelat, nelon

-37.828027, 144.937709, -37.823053, 144.957113

swlon, swlat, nelon, nelat

144.937709, -37.828027, 144.957113, -37.823053