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Properties — some notes about sources and names

# This is the raw properties hash from the source data itself.
# It _should_ magically transform itself in to a pretty formatted
# table and if it doesn't that probably means there's something wrong
# with the data itself (or maybe it just hasn't been synced yet).
# Or maybe you pressed the "view raw" button to see the raw data.
# Raw data is raw.

{u'addr:full': u'',
 u'addr:housenumber': u'',
 u'addr:postcode': u'',
 u'addr:street': u'',
 u'counts:concordances_total': u'1',
 u'counts:languages_official': u'0',
 u'counts:languages_spoken': u'0',
 u'counts:languages_total': u'0',
 u'counts:names_colloquial': u'0',
 u'counts:names_languages': u'0',
 u'counts:names_prefered': u'0',
 u'counts:names_total': u'0',
 u'counts:names_variant': u'0',
 u'edtf:cessation': u'uuuu',
 u'edtf:inception': u'uuuu',
 u'geom:area': 0.0,
 u'geom:area_square_m': u'0.0',
 u'geom:bbox': u'-122.412999,37.758201,-122.412999,37.758201',
 u'geom:latitude': 37.758201,
 u'geom:longitude': -122.412999,
 u'geom:max_latitude': u'37.758201',
 u'geom:max_longitude': u'-122.412999',
 u'geom:min_latitude': u'37.758201',
 u'geom:min_longitude': u'-122.412999',
 u'geom:type': u'Point',
 u'iso:country': u'US',
 u'mz:categories': [],
 u'mz:filesize': u'0',
 u'mz:hierarchy_label': u'1',
 u'mz:is_current': u'-1',
 u'mz:is_retail': u'-1',
 u'sfac:accession_id': u'1985.24.1-5',
 u'sfac:artist': u'Boyce, Roger',
 u'sfac:created_at': u'01/01/1970 12:33:05 AM +0000',
 u'sfac:credit_line': u'Purchased by the San Francisco Art Commission for the Mission Recreation Center',
 u'sfac:display_dimensions': u'96" H X 48" W',
 u'sfac:id': u'63daabb62278559f8a0643be8827c2a5',
 u'sfac:location': u'2450 Harrison St',
 u'sfac:location_description': u'Public Display : District 9 : Mission Rec. Center : 2450 Harrison St. : Upstairs',
 u'sfac:medium': u'Oil enamels',
 u'sfac:revision': u'2-9d72d9efbe122877e162bc9eee023b02',
 u'sfac:source': u'San Francisco Arts Commission',
 u'sfac:title': u'Untitled',
 u'sg:categories': [],
 u'src:geom': u'sfgov',
 u'translations': [],
 u'wof:belongsto': [85834637,
 u'wof:brand_id': u'1125159427',
 u'wof:breaches': [],
 u'wof:categories': [],
 u'wof:concordances': {u'sfac:accession_id': u'1985.24.1-5'},
 u'wof:concordances_sources': [u'sfac:accession_id'],
 u'wof:country': u'US',
 u'wof:created': u'1462387341',
 u'wof:geomhash': u'857c8fec97ff10fdc2e41f5535700d67',
 u'wof:hierarchy': [{u'continent_id': 102191575,
                     u'country_id': 85633793,
                     u'county_id': 102087579,
                     u'locality_id': 85922583,
                     u'macrohood_id': u'1108830809',
                     u'neighbourhood_id': 85834637,
                     u'region_id': 85688637,
                     u'venue_id': u'772974483'}],
 u'wof:id': 772974483,
 u'wof:lastmodified': 1510613368,
 u'wof:name': u'Untitled',
 u'wof:parent_id': u'85834637',
 'wof:path': '772/974/483/772974483.geojson',
 u'wof:placetype': u'venue',
 u'wof:placetype_id': 102312325,
 u'wof:placetype_names': [],
 u'wof:repo': u'whosonfirst-data-venue-us-ca',
 u'wof:superseded_by': [],
 u'wof:supersedes': [],
 u'wof:tags': [u'artwork', u'public_art']}