😿 Could not find anything matching uscensus

It looks like your query for uscensus has expired. Some queries that return lots of results (like this one) have a limited shelf life. It's sort of like how a bunch of bananas is left on the shelf at a grocery store for a shorter amount of time than, say, a jar of peanut butter... but for databases. Would you like to refresh your query?

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{'query': {'function_score': {'boost_mode': 'multiply', 'functions': [{'filter': {'term': {'names_preferred': u'uscensus'}}, 'weight': 10.0}, {'filter': {'term': {'names_all': u'uscensus'}}, 'weight': 1.0}, {'filter': {'term': {'wof:name': u'uscensus'}}, 'weight': 6.0}, {'filter': {'not': {'term': {'wof:placetype': 'venue'}}}, 'weight': 2.0}, {'filter': {'term': {'wof:placetype': 'location'}}, 'weight': 5.0}, {'filter': {'exists': {'field': 'wk:population'}}, 'weight': 1.25}], 'query': {'filtered': {'filter': {'and': [{'bool': {'must_not': [{'exists': {'field': 'edtf:deprecated'}}]}}]}, 'query': {'match': {'_all': {'operator': 'and', 'query': u'uscensus'}}}}}, 'score_mode': 'multiply'}}, 'sort': [{'gn:population': {'mode': 'max', 'order': 'desc'}}, {'geom:area': {'mode': 'max', 'order': 'desc'}}, {'wof:scale': {'mode': 'max', 'order': 'desc'}}, {'wof:megacity': {'mode': 'max', 'order': 'desc'}}]}
Would you like try this query again to include records that have been deprecated ?